4 Dec 2003

NZ introduces visa requirement for three Pacific countries

5:37 pm on 4 December 2003

The New Zealand government is ending opportunities for people from Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru to visit this country without needing a visa.

The New Zealand Immigration Minister, Lianne Dalziel, says from 8th December visitors from those countries will need a visa to travel here.

She says the move is to provide a consistent visa policy for all Pacific countries.

Visa waivers for a number of Pacific countries were introduced 17 years ago but a short time later, after a surge visitor numbers, visa requirements were put back in place for all but Tuvalu, Nauru and Kiribati.

Ms Dalziel says that visitors from Tuvalu, Nauru and Kiribati will need to apply to the New Zealand Immigration Service office in Suva for a visitor's visa.