4 Dec 2003

Solomon's Electoral Commission wants reform of electoral system

11:26 am on 4 December 2003

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission wants to see major reforms in the country's electoral system.

The chief electoral officer, John Babalu, says the changes they want include the power to bring charges if MPs fail to submit their campaign spending accounts.

After the last election two years ago, less than ten MPs provided the information, which Mr Babalu says means most of the current Parliamentarians are there illegally.

"We need to have a provision that allows the Commission to prosecute any candidate who fails to hand in his expenditure during the course of the election. At the moment it is a legal requirement under the law, but the Commission does not have the power to say if a candidate does not comply with the provision that he or she shall be prosecuted, according to that provision."

John Babalu says the Commission also wants preferential voting and absentee or postal voting.