3 Dec 2003

Water filitration system developed in Samoa appears to be a success

5:16 am on 3 December 2003

Less than a week after its launch in Samoa, there is already considerable interest in a non-chemical filtration system to provide clean water to households.

A local biochemist, Bill Moore, and his Australian wife, Karin, have already sold 18 units.

Mrs Moore says the system is completely biological and relies on the slow filtering of water through an adapted sand base to extract bacteria and viruses.

She says their product has been greeted with great enthusiasm.

"We're still in the early stages of our launch but we're finding that people in the village, people in the town areas, it dosen't matter. Everybody says it is a really good idea. And those in the village, because they live in family groups, they are able to get two, three, four families together, to pitch in a little bit each and then they've got one unit between them which is available for extended family use."