28 Nov 2003

Libel case against Cook Island News dropped

4:54 pm on 28 November 2003

One of the biggest libel suits ever seen in the Cook Islands has been dropped.

The claim for over 630 thousand US dollars was made by the Head of Cook Islands television, George Pitt, against the Cook Islands News following newspaper articles published in 2000.

Mr Pitt, an Assembly of God minister who also runs three newspapers, says he's dropped the libel suit because it's time to move on.

"Right now, I'm pretty busy and it's something that could deviate me from some of the things I'm doing and also the continued cost of it. I think everybody has moved on a bit from that incident, serious incident, and now that I have a newspaper of my own we've been able to reciprocate some of the approach that the Cook Islands News had on us, or me."

George Pitt