28 Nov 2003

Kiribati government calls rally to support recognition of Taiwan

11:21 am on 28 November 2003

The Kiribati government plans to hold a rally today (FRI) in support of its decision reached three weeks ago to open diplomatic links with Taiwan.

The rally is to coincide with a parliamentary debate on a motion to appoint a select committe to investigate claims of Taiwan's interference in the country's political affairs.

It also follows a rally on Monday by opposition supporters critical of the government for abandoning the One China policy and establishing additional ties with Taiwan.

A high placed government source says China is expected to decide whether to suspend or sever links once it is known whether a motion has been accepted by the Kiribati parliament to probe the new Taiwan links.

Meanwhile, Radio Australia quotes the police commissioner, Tuare Ioane, as saying death threats against President Anote Tong are being investigated.

But he says there is no evidence to suggest the threats are linked to the diplomacy tussle.