21 Nov 2003

Solomon Islands planning minister says aid donor recommitted

5:20 pm on 21 November 2003

The Solomon Islands Minister of National Reform and Planning, Nollen Leni, says aid donors have recommitted to the country, following the tabling of the 2004 Budget.

His comment follows Thursday's meeting in Honiara of the government and representatives from 13 countries and international financial institutions.

Mr Leni says the meeting was a success.

Much of this week's Budget is dependent on yet to be granted aid because donors for several years had been withholding aid until a credible budget was put in place.

But Mr Leni says the donors have now been reassured this is the case.

"They have seen for themselves that the situation in Solomon Islands has changed. Perhaps media overseas have defaced the true Solomon Islands position on the ground situation and so we had differences and some reservation on donors giving us the proper answer to our question on funding but they now they have seen for themselves."