21 Nov 2003

Challenge to vote count in Marshalls election rejected by court

11:33 am on 21 November 2003

A bid by some candidates to halt the vote count following the Marshall Islands election on Monday has failed.

On Wednesday four Majuro members of the Opposition had sought an injunction to stop the count, claiming that the correct procedures were not being followed.

Our correspondent Giff Johnson says the four had claimed that during the tabulation of the results, the votes were not being shown to the poll watchers as the process requires.

"The Election Commissioner dispute that and essentially the court rejected the injunction saysing it was not appropriate to step in at this point. The court said if there is a concern about a problem with the count,there is another mechanism for demanding a recount. So they could seek a recount at a later point."

Giff Johnson says the court challenge has had the effect of further slowing the vote count.