18 Nov 2003

Solomon Islands proposess new child policies

5:22 pm on 18 November 2003

The permanent secretary of home affairs in Solomon Islands, Ethel Sigimanu, says the government's proposed Children's Policy, Strategy and Plan of Action, will have to take into account cultural considerations.

Mrs Sigimanu opened a Strategic Planning for Children workshop this week, pre-empting the approval of the new policy.

She says the policy was 10 years in the making and will prioritise children's rights.

However, Mrs Sigimanu says the government has had to be careful because children hold a submissive role in Solomons culture.

"We are also stressing the fact children's rights comes with responsibilities, that it's not an out right right, in its self but that the child also has responsibilities to the community, to ensure that their neighbours' rights or the environment in the community, is not violated by that kind of a right of the child."

Ethel Sigimanu.