18 Nov 2003

Cook Islands Democratic party caucus to decide on anti-party hopping

4:46 pm on 18 November 2003

The president of the Cook Islands Democratic party says the caucus is making the decision on whether to include anti-party hopping in the new Electoral bill.

Iaveta Short says the party's position is that it should be there.

But, he says caucus members are now supporting a proposal to prevent the tabling of no-confidence motions for the first two years of a parliamentary term.

Mr Short says he is wary of this because the initiative is too rushed and needs more thinking about.

"The anti-party hopping bill is there. The one without the anti-party hopping is there, the one with the two year thing is there. The drafting is done for any of those options I understand.My main concern, with the new initiative, is it's too rushed and really my view is to sit down in the cool of day and really have a good look at all these options again, before making a decision."

The Cook Islands has had five governments in the last four years as a result of MPs crossing the floor to switch to other parties.