17 Nov 2003

Concern in Niue over a lack of public information about new fish processing plant

9:30 am on 17 November 2003

There's growing anger in Niue at the lack of information and public consultation over a new fish processing factory being constructed on the island.

The seven hundred thousand US dollar plant at Alofi is part of a joint venture with Reef Shipping, which has been attracted to Niue with a tax holiday extending over several years.

Opposition MP Veve Jacobsen says two months ago the Government had promised it would provide information on the social and environmental impacts but nothing has been released.

And Mrs Jacobsen says they also don't know whether the fish will be coming from Niue's stocks because the Government is not keeping people informed.

"We are in the toal darkness as to what is going on, nobody knowns, all we know is that consturction is underway and that work is going ahead without the impact assessments from the areas of social, economic and environment."