13 Nov 2003

New Caledonia's LKS party campaigns for development

4:30 pm on 13 November 2003

The pro-independence LKS party in New Caledonia says it will contest next year's elections in all three provinces to improve conditions for development.

Its president, Nidoish Naisseline, has taken issue with the terriory's economic development where he says imbalances between the rich southern province continue.

He blames this in on the established pro-independence leaders of the northern province and the Loyalty Island province who he accuses of being accomplices in policies to keep the people poor.

Mr Nasseline told RFO radio that he questions what provincial leaders do.

He says the price of basic food food stuffs should be the same in places like Belep, Mare, Lifou and Noumea but it's a shock to see that they are much more expensive in places other than Noumea.

Mr Nidoish also says nickel production is up but there are no additional jobs.

And he says agricultural production is concentrated in the hands of a few.