13 Nov 2003

Vanuatu workers accuse government of seeking control of National Provident Fund

11:36 am on 13 November 2003

Vanuatu's National Union of Workers will meet today to consider action over what it claims are Government plans for sweeping changes to the National Provident Fund.

Ephraim Kalsakau of the National Union of Workers says they intend taking action when Parliament sits next week.

Mr Kalsakau says the Government wants its union nominee on the Fund to give it greater control and also to reduce compulsory contributions which would be a wage cut for workers.

But he says the main aim is to get to direct access to the Funds which it is currently unable to do.

"So they need to amend the fund's legislation so they can put their cronies on the board. the board can then submit policy on the NPF's investments that are in line with the thinking of people in government. So then whatever they do would be legal."