14 Nov 2003

New Caledonian lawyer condemns immigrant accommodation in Noumea

12:24 pm on 14 November 2003

Many of the Wallisian families, moved from the Noumea suburb of St Louis to end an ongoing violent confrontation with local Kanaks, are angry at the substandard accommodation they have been given.

The Wallisians were immigrants to St Louis but some had been there for 30 years or more.

They were moved to new housing by the provincial government in attempt to resolve a land dispute, which had claimed 3 lives over 18 months.

Their lawyer, Frederick de Grelan, says some of the apartments they have been given are terrible.

"Some families have been relocated in an apartment that was inappropriate for living, without anything you would nomally expect to find in an apartment. In some apartments the ceiling was falling on the floor. In another apartment the water from the shower went all around the apartment."