3 Nov 2003

Fiji political party leader calls for disciplinary measures over racist statements

8:44 pm on 3 November 2003

Prem Singh, the leader of Fiji's National Federation Party, is calling for the Great Council of Chiefs to train its nominees for the senate to prevent racial outbursts.

This follows Ratu George Cakobau saying another senator shouldn't speak on indigenous Fijian issues because she wasn't indigenous herself.

Mr Singh says the statement is despicable and implies that other races in Fiji are third class citizens.

He says it's about time the government and the Great Council of Chiefs used disciplinary measures for politicians making such statements.

"The Great Council of Chiefs should open up itself and address these grievances and their nominees or the provincial council their nominees, they should be taken out for talks or discussions be held when discipline is required. They should groom leaders who are fit to be in senate and parliament."