30 Oct 2003

Solomons bank governor praises assistance mission

4:48 pm on 30 October 2003

The governor of the Solomon Islands Central Bank, Rick Hou, says for the rebuilding of the country it is vital that Solomon Islanders continue to be involved in key positions within the administration.

Australian officials have assumed a number of functions in government as part of the assistance mission to restore law and order that was deployed 100 days ago.

Mr Hou has praised the mission, or RAMSI, for keeping Solomon Islanders involved.

"In order to have a turnaround sustained, it has to be with Solomon Islanders which I believe RAMSI is addressing in the sense that all these officials, be that advisors or people who fill in line positions, they have to have Solomon Islands counterparts to be along their sides."

Rick Hou, the governor of the Solomon Islands Central Bank