29 Oct 2003

Fiji govt told customary reconciliation processes don't work

9:49 am on 29 October 2003

The Fiji government has been told that its use of indigenous customary pratices in reconciling different communitres after the 2000 coup is not workable.

A workshop on the Role of Women in Reconciliation has been told that the system is unworkable because it is culturally insensitive to those whose cultures are different from those of the indigenous community.

The Daily Post quotes University of the South Pacific lecturer, Cema Bolabola as saying the customary practice of seeking forgiveness is no longer an ideal method in Fiji's multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society.

Ms Bolabola says customary laws and practices are only relevant to a natural community which shares tha same affiliations, values, beliefs and culture.

She says in Fiji using customary practices is therefore unwise, culturally insensitive, unjust and a waste of money.