27 Oct 2003

Wartime action on Solomon's Mono Island is honoured

8:22 am on 27 October 2003

The exploits of many brave Mono Islanders and the troops they helped during the Second World War will be honoured in Solomons Islands today and tomorrow.

Mono, near the border with PNG's Bougainville, had been invaded by Japan early in 1942.

In October of that year American and New Zealand forces succeeded in taking it back.

Karen Brown has more.

"The purpose of the invasion was to destroy a Japanese garrison and build facilities to support an American landing on nearby Bougainville."

None of the New Zealand veterans are able to attend events today, but there are strong links between them and the islanders and they have sent a message of thanks.

It will be delivered by a New Zealand Government Minister, Chris Carter, who is to be welcomed with a warrior challenge, speeches, songs and a church service.

Tomorrow Mr Carter is to dedicate a special Mono plaque in Honiara.