25 Oct 2003

Man who tortured two Fiji policemen gets two years in jail

8:32 am on 25 October 2003

A villager who tortured two Fiji policemen for five days and took part in the forceful seizure of Korovou town armed with an Uzi sub-machine gun during the coup has been jailed for two years.

The Fiji Times reports that Sailosi Basituka was found guilty of wrongful confinement, going armed in public, unlawful assembly and two counts of assault.

Magistrate Amani Rokotinavitisaid the instability in the country and the fear among people, particularly in Korovou town during its seizure, would be hard to forget.

Mr Rokotinaviti said many innocent lives and families had been Unnecessarily disrupted and harassed by thugs who only wanted to take advantage of the political crisis but achieved nothing.

He said he would be failing in his duty if he imposed a lesser sentence than two years on Basituka.