24 Oct 2003

Cook Islands immigration review findings out soon

4:12 pm on 24 October 2003

Findings from the Cook Islands Immigration Advisory Committee are nearing completion and the public will have access to the draft of the document before the end of the the year.

Committee chairperson Dorice Reid says the document will be submitted to the Minister of Immigration and Prime Minister Dr Robert Woonton prior to its public review.

Reid says analysing the submissions has been a difficult and lengthy task.

She says the subject of immigration is a sensitive one, which will have major impacts in the areas of labour supply, economic development and social issues.

The committee, which was established in April to review the country's current immigration policy, has recieved 94 different submissions.

The committee has also met with the Development Investment Board to discuss the review and Reid says DIB has made a substantial contribution to the committee's work.

(The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is acting in an advisory capacity to the committee and has been providing secretarial support.