23 Oct 2003

American cruise ship company recruting in American Samoa

4:53 pm on 23 October 2003

The Norwegian Cruise Line of America is holding a job fair in American Samoa to scout for potential cruise ship workers.

The company's Hotel Director, James Deering, says they are looking to hire at least 600 employees from around the territory.

Mr Deering says the company is bringing out new space-age cruise ships which will be some of the biggest in the world.

He says because of this there are a lot of opportunites for people in the territory.

"We have every job that a resort hotel has, except for possibly parking cars, we also have every job that an airplane has because a cruise lines and airlines operate in a similar fashion and then we have some other jobs that are jst specific to cruise ships, so there are hundreds of positions available"

Mr Deering also says because of American Samoans are ideal because they fit US citizenship criteria and have an understanding of the spirit of Aloha which will be important as the cruise-ships will be based in Hawaii.