22 Oct 2003

Lack of funds stops PNG police extraditing alleged gun runner

5:00 pm on 22 October 2003

Police in Papua New Guinea have no funds to extradite an Australian who was allegedly harbouring several guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in a lodge in Western Province.

Police spokeswoman, Chief Inspector Elizabeth Solomon, says it is believed the weapons were smuggled in from Australia or Indonesia and are linked with the drug trade.

She says four thousand rounds of ammunition, two rifles and several gun accessories were confiscated during a raid on the property, but the owner is believed to be in Australia.

"Police went in to arrest him. However, because he is currently in Australia, all properties have been confiscated and they are in the process of extradicting him from Australia into PNG to go through the arrest procedures."

Chief Inspector Solomon says the police need to apply for Government funding to extradite the man, so it could take some time to execute.

She says sources had tipped them off about the ammunition at the lodge.