22 Oct 2003

Cook Islands recruiting for teachers in New Zealand

4:23 pm on 22 October 2003

Recruitment for high school teachers for the Cook Islands is currently underway in New Zealand.

The acting secretary of education, Peter Etches, says he's aware of eight vacancies across three colleges at this time.

He says he's not anticipating a shortage of teachers next year but there are plans in place to train Cook Islanders to cover vacancies in the future.

"The recruitment of Cook Island teachers and the training of Cook Island teachers will recommence next year under a change in policy in the selection and award of scholarships."

They have previously been open to anyone coming in to any area at all. So now there's been a change for three scholarships to be made available for education.

Mr Etches says it will take three to four years before the teachers are ready so there's also an alternative plan to send some graduates to New Zealand for a one year teachers training course.

He says that plan is still in the pipeline so he doesn't know if it will eventuate.