20 Oct 2003

Tourism perks up in Solomon Islands as a cruise boat arrives

4:21 pm on 20 October 2003

The Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, has welcomed the return of tourists to the country, with the arrival of a luxury German cruise boat today.

The tourists will spend about four days in Solomon Islands.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister, George Atkin, says the establishment of peace by the RAMSI mission has allowed the tourism department to start promoting the industry again.

"The dept of tourism and culture hasn't really embarked on a promotion to ensure that more tourists are arriving, and in actual fact right now the Minister of Tourism is taking part in a conference in the Cook Islands that will be discussing ways and means to ensure that tousists do also come to Solomon Islands when they consider the Pacific region as a tourist destination."

Mr Atkin says markets and hotels will benefit from the tourism revival.