14 Oct 2003

Porgera mine owners in Papua New Guinea warn of closure because of crime

9:39 pm on 14 October 2003

Operators of the gold rich Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea's Enga Province have warned of an early closure if serious crime persists.

The Porgera Joint Venture, or PJV, has appealed for support from the community and government to ensure the mine sees out its full lifespan.

The Post Courier newspaper says the call was made at a special law and order summit held in Wabag.

The PJV community affair's manager, Ken Vincin, appealed for a concerted effort to stop crime on the Highlands highway, the sabotage of electricity from Tari and illegal mining.

He said open pit mining in Porgera would end in 2006, but he said there was the potential for processing of the stockpile to continue until 2010 unless the mine was forced to close