7 Oct 2003

Water rationing to continue in parts of Samoa

5:09 pm on 7 October 2003

Ten villages in Samoa are facing ongoing rationing of water and it is being trucked in to schools and the hospital in the face of a lengthy dry season.

Tabitha Wongsin from the Water Authority says they've had to hire in trucks from private companies in order to deliver sufficient water for patients at the hospital and students at schools.

She says the villages affected are mostly those on high ground above water catchment areas which require the pumping of supplies.

Ms Wongsin says the public is now supportive of the rationing.

"They've realised that the water is very important and they've come to realise that they need to stop wasting the water as they had in the past. But before, it was kind of hard for the public to actually listen to the advice they were being given to them because they just think we are not doing our work."

Tabitha Wongsin from Samoa's Water Authority