4 Oct 2003

Samoa Water Authority tells public to avoid wasting supply

10:01 am on 4 October 2003

Samoa's Water Authority has urges the public to avoid wasting water in anticipation of the dry season lasting longer than usual.

Water rationing is in force in a few areas while shortages have been reported in coastal villages east of Apia.

Because of El Nino effects the dry season is predicted to extend to November.

The head of the Water Authority, Moefa'auo Titimaea says it's very important that the country conserve water at this stage with the possiblity of a drawn out end of the El Nino season bringing a further few dry months.

He says they're providing water transported by trucks, and rationing supplies so that there is enough for everybody.

Shortages have been reported in western parts of Savai'i Island, and on the west coast of Upolu Island.