2 Oct 2003

A Guam mayor says thousands without clean water each day

4:53 pm on 2 October 2003

The mayor of the Inarajan village in Guam says more than 4-thousand people in his village have sometimes had to go without water for three days at a time.

Franklin Taitague says three southern villages consisting of more than 8-thousand people have had their water supply disrupted for many years but the problems have escalated in the past month because of heavy rain.

Mr Taitague says problems stem from the Ugum treatment plant which is not cleaning the water properly.

"The concern is that there is no assurance on the transmission and distribution line that the water is in fact clean and safe as it goes to the residents"

Mr Taitague says he hopes a meeting he chaired with senators the Guam Waterworks Authority and concerned residents could bring about a solution.

He says increased funding for the GWA would be a step in the right direction.