30 Sep 2003

Cook Islands party hopping can be stopped says committee chairman

4:42 pm on 30 September 2003

A prominent Cook Islands lawyer says he's disappointed that cabinet has rejected proposals to end party hopping but there are other ways to achieve it.

Iaveta Short, who was the chairman of the drafting committee charged with updating the Electoral Act, says cabinet was supportive of most of the other amendments.

But, he says there was a feeling by some in cabinet that it could put an end to MPs democratic rights.

And, Mr Short says there are alternatives available to stop party hopping.

"The party itself obligates, not to change partys once they are elected to parliament. We may apply to adopting a member for elections, we may require them to sign a statement that if they change their party while in parliament, they will have to resign."

Iaveta Short says the updated Electoral Act has gone to the Crown Law office and will then be presented to parliament on the fourth of November.