29 Sep 2003

SOPAC looks to develop closer partnerships in region

4:43 pm on 29 September 2003

The new director of SOPAC, the South Pacific Applied Geoscience commission, says she will be looking to develop closer partnerships in the region.

Cristelle Pratt says SOPAC will continue to focus on its three key priorities of sustainable development in its Oceans and Islands programmes, improved livelihoods and community risk.

Ms Pratt says ocean governance, mapping and surveying and the monitoring of the ecosystem will continue to be enhanced to ensure member countries are being properly served.

"I believe that we really actually have already a very good formula to actually contribute to the region with respect to achieving sustainable development, SOPAC is one part of a much bigger jig saw puzzle so over the next three years I think what I am really looking forward to is actually establishing partnerships"

Ms Pratt says these include developing closer links with other professional organisations, with local communities and with non-government organisations.