26 Sep 2003

Fiji military demands removal of secretary for home affairs

10:31 am on 26 September 2003

The Fiji military has called on the government to remove the secretary for home affairs, Col Jeremaia Waqanisau, from his office.

The Daily Post reports that the military has also called on Col Waqanisau to keep out of matters that are liable to trigger a constitutional crisis.

It follows comments by Col Waqanisau on a Fijian language radio station about the military's role in putting the SDL party into power and its subservience to the government.

In a statement yesterday the army spokesman, Warrant Officer Neumin Lewni, said the military understands its role and would in no way beseen to be idle while' political commentators confuse the public on security issues."

He says it is in the best interests of the nation for the government to be well informed on security issues and the military is the institution charged with that responsibility.

Warrant Officer Leweni says the secretary for home affairs should refrain from making security recommendations that are liable to cause a constitutional crisis.

He says "this so-called advisor" should be reminded that "the 200 coup was a ploy by a handful of power-hungry people" which brought misery anf loss of life to the people of Fiji.

Warrant Officer Leweni says the military has therefore recommended that Col Waqanisau be removed from office.