18 Sep 2003

Fiji Peacekeepers Association welcomes job offers for unemployed peacekeepers

9:38 am on 18 September 2003

A member of the Fiji Peacekeepers Association says it welcomes the chance for unemployed Fijian peacekeepers to work in Iraq on private contracts.

A retired Fijian army officer, Lieutenant Colonel Saliusa Raivoce, is recruiting soldiers and police for work in Iraq for UK firm Global Risk Securities.

Lt Col Raivoce says unemployed territorials and army reservists are top priority for the lucrative contracts, although he will recruit police and army officers if they resign first.

The former secretary of the peacekeepers association, Taniela Senikuta, says unemployment is rife and many peacekeepers have been out of work since they were withdrawn from Lebanon.

Mr Senikuta says Fijian peacekeepers have been fighting for years for better pay and this could not have come at a better time.

"We are very grateful to the colonel for this arrangment and also to the company, Global, for this new offer, for this work that has been arranged for our servicemen."

Taniela Senikuta.