17 Sep 2003

Resolution calling for Sacking of American Samoan Speaker may not proceed through House

7:23 am on 17 September 2003

It's now up to the chairman of the House Rules Committee in American Samoa to decide if a resolution calling for the Speaker of the House to resign will be tabled.

The call by four Representatives for the Speaker, Matagi Ray McMoore, to step down followed allegations of misspending of House funds.

Our correspondent Monica Miller reports that if the resolution is not tabled in two weeks, they will bring it up again in the House.

"They would ask the Senate Investigative Committee to look into these allegations if nothing happens to their resolution. Resolutions have been known to die on the desk of whichever committee chairman has a resolution, and because they control the speakers, supporters control the majority of the house, it's up to them what will happen."