9 Sep 2003

Solomons police predict more police arrests

11:48 am on 9 September 2003

The deputy police commissioner in Solomon Islands, Ben McDevitt, is promising more arrests of police as the process of cleaning up the Solomons force continues.

In the past two weeks, 4 regular officers, 2 special constables and a civilian working for the force, have been arrested and charged with a variety of offences from assault to embezzlement.

Mr McDevitt says for the force to regain the trust and respect of the community it has to be able to police itself.

He says whenever the intervention force receives allegations of criminal activity by police it quickly allocates resources for an investigation.

"We want to be basically to be seen to be vigorous in our pursuit of allegations against serving police officers, and I might add that it's having a very good effect within the community, but it's also having a very good effect within the police force itself amongst those honest officers..look officers know who the crooks are."