5 Sep 2003

Inquiries continue into American Samoa School Lunch Programme

9:48 am on 5 September 2003

The Governor of American Samoa has admitted he asked the director of Education Dr Sili Sataua to stand down.

Earlier this week government officials blamed Mr Sataua's resignation on media hype over allegations he had misappropriated food supplies from the School Lunch programme for his own use and awarded contracts withough competitive bidding..

But the Governor, Togiola Tulafono, says Dr Sataua was encouraged to step down because of the mounting challenges facing the Department.

Meanwhile, an employee of the School Lunch Program warehouse has admitted that he had not told the truth when he was first questioned by the Senate Select Investigative Committee about a missing bread mixer.

Faavale Sala testified that he had taken the mixer, worth more than 3000 US dollars, and sold it to a restaurant for 500 dollars.

The proceeds were split between two co-workers and himself.