4 Sep 2003

Solomons ministry concerned about poor consultation

3:52 pm on 4 September 2003

A Solomon Islands ministry says it is concerned that there is not enough consultation in efforts to improve governance since the arrival of the Australian-led intervention force.

A top official in the Ministry of Home Affairs says this may lead to a lack of representation in the changed structures.

Its acting permanent secretary Ethel Sigamanu says her department handles most issues concerning women, children and youth and this is the majority of Solomon Islanders.

But she says her department is not on any of the four task-force groups set up to help rebuild the country.

"I feel that if we are not consulted with regards to how we might make an input into the peace and the development process then the planning that goes with such a process may not reflect on the needs of those we represent."

The acting permanent secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ethel Sigamanu.