3 Sep 2003

Fiji Police say charges close in killings of Chinese nationals

4:36 am on 3 September 2003

Fiji police say they are currently following some positive leads into the execution-style killing of four men last month, but so far no one has been charged.

Police spokesperson, Mesake Koroi, says two of the men, Kan Kee Kevok, and Wu Giuiuiu, are from Hong Kong and are allegedly linked to money laundering in the South Pacific.

Mr Koroi says the wives and families of those two victims arrived in Fiji at the weekend, and have been helping them with their inquiries.

He says after interviews with a number of Taiwanese and Chinese Nationals, they are now nearing the end of their inquiry.

"We are following some definite positive leads, that we are pursuing at the moment,....I would say that we are now in the process of putting together the final pieces of the puzzle, the jigsaw puzzle, and hopefully, something will come out of it, later this week."

Fiji Police Public Relations Director, Mesake Koroi.