2 Sep 2003

Hong Kong paper reports gangland connections in Suva factory killings

9:15 am on 2 September 2003

Police in Hong Kong are reported to be working closely with Interpol in the investigation of what have been described as execution style killings in Fiji.

The Daily Post says a newspaper in Hong Kong, the City News, has reported that the deaths of two Hong Kong men in a Suva factory was a result of a gangland dispute.

Two other men, including a Fijian Security guard were also killed in the attack.

The paper says the two Hong Kong men men, Kan Kee Kevok, and Wu Guiuiu, were allegedly linked to money laundering in the South Pacific.

The City News says the pair sparked a dispute when they attempted to undercut competitors in the shark fin trade.

Fiji police have questioned several Chinese and Taiwanese nationals in connection with the murders, but have not laid any charges.