1 Sep 2003

Cook Islands reform group says splits in government slowing change

7:16 am on 1 September 2003

The Cook Islands Group for Political Change says splits within the Government appear to be responsible for stalling constitutional changes and reforms.

One of the group's aims -- abolition of the 1976 superannuation scheme -- has been achieved, but it is still fighting for abolition of the overseas seat in Parliament and for the parliamentary term to be cut to four years.

The group's spokesperson, Elizabeth Ponga, has written to the Prime Minister, Dr Robert Woonton, saying they're still waiting for progress.

Ms Ponga says she believes the trouble comes down to a rift between the Prime Minister and his deputy, who belong to different parties.

"We believe that they do not see things in the same light, so when it comes to decisionmaking, it's contradictory. And we believe that that is the reason why things are not moving ahead."

Elizabeth Ponga.