30 Aug 2003

FIiji police still questioning container stowaway

9:26 am on 30 August 2003

The police in Fiji are waiting to hear from their New Zealand counterparts to find out more about a man who stowed away for 8 days in a cargo container.

The 28-year-old man, believed to be a New Zealand resident, was found in the container when the ship, Captain Wallis, docked at the port of Lautoka on Wednesday.

Assistant Superintendent Vijay Singh says the man boarded the container in Auckland.

He says the man claims he stowed away because he was wanted by New Zealand police, and they are waiting to find out more about him before charges are laid.

"He is formerly from Fiji. He was found inside the container at Lautoka wharf. He is now in police custody. We are questioning him and I have requested information from police in New Zealand about this man."

Vijay Singh says the man will probably be charged under the immigration act.