29 Aug 2003

Intervention force in Solomons arrests police officers

3:27 pm on 29 August 2003

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands has this week arrested several police officers suspected of committing criminal offences including a police superintendent from the STAR division, James Kili.

The Acting Police Commissioner, Ben McDevitt, confirmed that Kili was arrested on charges relating to offences he allegedly committed last year and in 2001, including assault causing bodily harm, wilful damage, intimidation, common assault and discharging of firearms in a public place.

It is understood that more charges will be laid against him as police investigations continue - Kili is now in police custody at Honiara's Rove prison.

Meanwhile, two other police were arrested on separate charges earlier this week, and a civilian working in the firearms registry was arrested last Friday, charged with embezzlement.