27 Aug 2003

Vanuatu village gets solar powered water system

4:07 pm on 27 August 2003

The paramount chief of Kurumabe Village on Tongoa Island in Vanuatu has praised the Australian Government for funding the village's first ever water system.

The system, running on solar power, pumps water up a one hundred metre high cliff to Kurumabe.

Chief Taripoamata says it is the first time in the village's 600 year history. it has had a proper water supply.

Australia's deputy high commissioner, Mark Grey, who opened the system, says Australia believes that water is a right for all and they are most happy to help the village.

He says the project is an example of joint partnership between the Australian Government, the Vanuatu Government and the people of Tongoa Island.

Chief Taripoamata has set up a committee to ensure the system is extended to all the nearby villages, schools and the airfield, and that it is properly maintained.