27 Aug 2003

Fiji police to seek NZ help to probe outstanding coup cases

7:20 am on 27 August 2003

Fiji's new police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, has sought the help of New Zealand police to complete outstanding investigations into the May 2000 coup.

The Daily Post quotes Mr Hughes as saying he has asked for senior, experienced New Zealand officers to do an independent review of the coup files to ensure complete transparency in the process.

He says special crime investigator Waisea Tabakau had already been to New Zealand to interview Lt Col Semi Seruvakula, an officer who had publicly said that he was offered 130-thousand US dollars in cash to take his troops in support of the coup.

Lt Col Seruvakula had also said he knew the names of seven people who had planned and funded the coup.

Mr Hughes says the file on the alleged involvement of the former police commissioner, Col Isikia Savua, in the coup is among those under review.

Mr Hughes says he is an Australian and the officer in charge of coup investigations, Assistant Commissioner Moses Driver, is a Fijian, he thought it best to get officers from an unbiased jurisdiction such as New Zealand to review the outstanding coup files.