26 Aug 2003

Fiji New Nationalist Party calls for repatriation of all ethnic Indians

12:52 pm on 26 August 2003

Fiji's New Nationalist Party has called on the Qarase government to repatriate all ethnic Indians back to India.

The Daily Post quotes their leader, Saula Telawa, as saying the party has been calling for the repatriation of Indians since independence in 1970 but the calls have fallen on deaf ears.

Mr Telawa's latest comments come in the wake of his call last week to have Fiji declared a Christian state in line with the wishes of the Methodist Church.

Mr Telawa says non-Christians should not be allowed to practice their religions publicly or on indigenous land.

But the Christian state call has been strongly opposed by the Fiji Council of Churches whose membership comprises Christian churches and the Seventh Day Adventist Church as well as representatives of Hindu and Moslem communities.

Meanwhile, a motion has been tabled at the current annual conference of the Methodist Church seeking to stop the prosecution of chiefs involved in the coup.