26 Aug 2003

American Samoan politician calls again for reconfirmation of Togiola administration

10:32 am on 26 August 2003

An American Samoan politician has dismissed claims by Governor Togiola Tulafono that some lawmakers are trying to get back at cabinet members they do not like.

Charlie Tautolo says the governor is reacting against Fono requests for the Attorney General to give an opinion on whether he should resubmit the cabinet to the Legislature for reconfirmation.

Togiola says he questions the motives of some lawmakers as his administration is a continuation of the late Governor Tauese Sunia's, so Fono reconfirmation is not needed.

But Mr Tautolo says the Fono is at odds with Togiola's view of the law and that the claims against some lawmakers are unfounded.

"That is the Governor's opinion. We have to do our job. We try to follow the law. We interpret this as a new administration."