19 Aug 2003

Fiji Council of Churches says Christian state call an unchristian idea

4:47 pm on 19 August 2003

The general secretary for the Fiji Council of Churches, Ben Bhagwan, says declaring Fiji a Christian state worlds be unchristian.

Fiji's Methodist church has pressed for the declaration since the 1987 coups and this was reiterated by the church's general secretary, Reverend Jione Lagi this week.

But, Mr Bhagwan says this would force people to follow one religion.

"if we take a step further and say that Fiji should be declared a christian state, which means that this will be a violation of the constitution and the human rights of the citizens of this country."

Mr Bhagwan says churches should be more concerned about their own faith, rather than others.

The Fiji Council of churches represents 8 affiliates of christian churches in the country.