18 Aug 2003

Methodists repeat call for Fiji to become Christian state

4:32 pm on 18 August 2003

The general secretary of Fiji's powerful Methodist Church wants the country to be declared a Christian State and have a Christian leader.

The Revered Jione Lagi's call comes as the Methodist Church meets for its annual conference and negotiations for a multi-party cabinet to include the mostly-Indian Labour Party are under way.

The Daily Post quotes Rev Lagi as saying an indigenous Fijian should lead the country because Fijians are not yet ready to accept a foreigner as their leader.

And he says even though there is constitutional freedom of religion, Fiji should "convert to a Christian State" because the Almighty would be in favour of this.

The Rev Lagi says without Christianity, Fijians would still be practising cannibalism and tribal warfare.

He says if the people of Pakistan can stop all activity at noon everyday to pray to their god, there is no reason why Fiji cannot do the same thing.