18 Aug 2003

Papuan Activists regret lack of Forum support for review of Act of Free Choice

12:11 pm on 18 August 2003

The self determination movement in the Indonesian province of Papua has registered its regret at the Pacific Islands Forum's refusal to support two of their key initiatives.

At the same time they say they welcome the general support they recieved in Auckland and feel that West Papua is now firmly back on the Agenda.

In their communique the Forum leaders again encouraged Indonesia to implement its autonomy package, expressed concern at continuing human rights violations and called for peaceful dialgoue to resolve differences.

It also called for the pertetrators of serious crimes to be brought to justice.

But John Ondawame says he regrets the lack of Forum support for their call for the United Nations to review the 1969 Act of Free Choice, and that their call to send a fact fining mission to Papua was ignored.

"this is the urgent call made by the people in Papua...the Forum members should send a fact finding mission to closely monitor the situation so they can get a a clue, a general clue on the situation.....to make a political decision...I am very regretful at the way the Forum has handled the case of West Papua"