15 Aug 2003

PNG hospital at Buka suffers critical drugs shortage

4:14 pm on 15 August 2003

The head of Buka Hospital in Papua New Guinea is appealing for help to relieve a critical shortage of medicines at the hospital.

Buka Hospital's chief executive officer, Raymond Masano, says a government financial crisis has led to an even worse supply of drugs than normal.

He says the hospital is having to dig deep to buy drugs on the private market, and its 100 in-patients are being told to do the same.

Mr Masano says a group of Bougainvilleans living in Australia has donated five pallets of drugs, but they are sitting at Loloho in Bougainville and the hospital wants help desperately to retrieve them.

"We need those drugs to be transported over to Buka so that we can use them to treat our patients. Right now we have been having problems trying to get them here. If anyone is concerned, then they could probably help us to get those medicines over here."

Raymond Masano.