15 Aug 2003

Fiji district chief abolishes use of term "Indo-Fijian"

10:52 am on 15 August 2003

An indigenous Fijian district chief has abolished the term "Indo-Fijian" for tenant farmers in his community.

Fiji TV reports that the decision has been made by the high chief of Dreketi in Vanua Levu, Ratu Mavileko Rokocegu.

Dreketi was a hot-bed of anti-Indian violence during the coup three years ago when many ethnic Indian families were terrorised and attacked and their crops and livestock stolen.

But Ratu Mavileko says all the people of his district, regardless of race, will now be known as Kai-Dreketi or the the people of Dreketi, to promote unity and reconciliation.

He says this is just the beginning of a new relationship that will be followed by his descendants.

Fiji TV says the 32 Indo-Fijian families living in Dreketi have warmly welcomed the decision.