14 Aug 2003

Papuans wants Forum mission to be sent to Indonesia

4:19 pm on 14 August 2003

The Papuan self-determination movement has called on Forum leaders to send a fact-finding mission to the Indonesian province.to assess the human rights situation there.

Papuan activists say Papua has become the forgotten Pacific nation as they seek to be granted observer status at the Forum.

Their spokesman, John Ondawame, says the mission could monitor grievances and human rights abuses.

"The presence of an international fact finding mission will reinforce the works of the human rights organisations in West Papua and themselves can see directly the situation of the West Papuan people. This is why we would like to see the fact finding mission should be sent there immediately."

John Ondawame.

Indonesia is a post-forum dialogue partner.

Vanuatu has been backing the Papuan cause.